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Sierra Audio Ad for Kent Duncan, Kendun Recorders, Tom Hidley. Eric Wrobbel Design. https://www.ericwrobbel.com/art/sierra.htm

Prepared in a single day as a last-minute rush, and without time for photography, this advertisement nevertheless enhanced the image of this recording studio designer/builder. I met this client, Kent Duncan, at his studio in Burbank, Kendun Recorders. A most impressive experience it was. I was given an actual Cuban cigar when we met in the dazzling main room where, I was informed, Michael Jackson had been recording the day before. Sierra Audio was the studio building arm of the operation, carrying out designs by acclaimed studio designer Tom Hidley.

What: Concept, copy, design, art
For: “How To Recognize a Sierra Audio Studio” full page two-color ad
Client: Sierra Audio Corporation
When: c. 1980