Vintage Zephyr AR-630 transistor radio. Beautiful asymetric styling and an underpainted dial panel make this six-transistor one of the most beautiful transistor radios ever made. Made by Aiwa in Japan, circa 1959. From the book 'Great Little Radios From Global & Zephyr' here: Vintage Zephyr TR-64 transistor radio made by Constant (Fuji High Frequency Radio Laboratory) in Japan, circa 1958. From the book 'Great Little Radios From Global & Zephyr' here:

Vintage Panasonic 'flying saucer' TR-005 Orbitel TV from the book Vintage Transistor Televisions here:

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In product photography, space is always at a premium. I tend to photograph products stripped of all non-essentials, as in these examples of vintage radios from my books. Lighting is carefully controlled. My philosophy is that when viewed “live” one can turn objects from side to side to illuminate the dark recesses and minimize glare. The reader can’t do that, but through careful retouching I attempt to provide that experience even while limited to a single view.

What: Photography

For: Books on collectible transistor radios

Client: self

When: 2008

What: Photography, Panasonic TR-005 “Orbitel” television

For: Book “Vintage Transistor Televisions

Client: self

When: 2006

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