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Ad for Amek recording console, 1984, featuring Gino Vannelli and brother/producer Joe Vannelli. Eric Wrobbel Advertising, here: https://www.ericwrobbel.com/art/ginovannelli.htm

Gino Vannelli was huge in the early ’80s. So when he bought one of my client’s recording consoles for his home studio we got right over there and shot this photo of him and producer/brother Joe Vannelli with their new toy. I put this ad together with minimal distractions–letting the picture tell the story. The ad, of course, is little more than shameless name-dropping. Come to think of it, so is my use of it here!

What: Photo art direction, design, art
For: “Vannelli on Amek” full page color magazine ad
Client: Amek Consoles, Inc./Amek Systems and Controls, Ltd.
When: 1984