My Favorite Transistor Radios Volume One

Roger Handy and I made two videos in the mid-’90s when collecting transistor radios was still a little-known hobby and nice examples could still be occasionally if not easily found. (It was never easy!)

Roger’s book, “Made in Japan: Transistor Radios of the ’50s and ’60s,” had just come out and he jokingly pitches it in the video. Each video volume is nearly two hours long and shows over 100 of our favorite radios up close and in full detail.

Shot “on the fly” with extemporaneous commentary, these videos have proven to be engrossing for collectors and at the same time a great source of amusement for the spouses of collectors who find their entertainment value mystifying.

Accompanying images such as original boxes, batteries, accessories, and stylish ’50s-era atomic age pop-culture treats are also featured.

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