Great Little Radios from Global and Zephyr--the complete photo guide to collectible models

Global and Zephyr transistor radios are some of the most beautiful consumer products ever made. Bold styling, underpainted plastic, luscious curves, great lettering and nameplates—all those highly-prized qualities are here in abundance.

The novice collector might easily assume that the Global and Zephyr brands are all from the same maker. Many models had a family resemblance and the GR-3T6 and GR-711 models appeared as identical models under both imprints. But the story is more complicated than that. And it’s an interesting story in transistor radio history, providing an excellent example of the difference between a manufacturer and an importer.

Global and Zephyr radios provide a peek behind the veil of this little-documented era of consumer product design. In this book, the scads of variations in models is shown and discussed, yielding clues to understanding the history of these exceptional transistor radios.

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