Vintage Micro Transitor Radios--the complete photo guide to collectible models

From the book: “Micro transistor radios fascinated me as a kid. . . I thought the whole transistor radio thing was pretty great anyway, what with rock and roll, technology, style, and status all wrapped up in one little bundle. But the micros were something else again. They were extra stylish and somehow refined, as if they would be the transistor radio of choice for the urban sophisticate for whom space is at a premium. Big old Emersons and Zenith Royal 500s might be the choice for farmers and midwest sportsmen, but the Man from Uncle would be carrying a Standard Micronic Ruby, no doubt about it.”

So begins Vintage Micro Transistor Radios, a book dedicated to these tiny technological wonders that were some of the first products to show just how significant the invention of the transistor really was and to hint at the miniaturization to come in all manner of things from television to personal stereo to computers and a host of mobile and personal electronic devices.

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