Collectible Transistor Radios from Realtone--the complete photo guide to collectible models

Realtone was one of the important early transistor radio brands, offering many popular models. In the 1960s, they adopted the name SounDesign. They continue to exist today, using the brand name iHome, and making clock radios, docks, speakers, and earphones for iPhones and such.

Collector appeal of these radios is enhanced by Realtone’s propensity for making variants. They had a very active art department, drawing and re-drawing logos, nameplates, and trim shapes. No one used more different logos than Realtone.

This book celebrates the wonderful Realtone designs from the golden age of the transistor radio, but its illustrations are rather primitive. This book was one of my first books on radios, and while all of my other early radio books have been updated to color with all new photography, this one and my Toshiba book have not. Those two remain black & white “photo guides” of interest to serious collectors only.

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