Transistor Radios, Crystal Radios: Pix and Info on Collectible Radios
       See all 70 of the great collectible CROWN radios–64 transistor radios, plus three pocket tube radios and three crystal radios! All beautifully photographed in full color. Over 100 full color images in all!
       Most are shown nowhere else. This is your only source for a complete listing of all collectible models. And every single model is pictured!
       See rarities galore! Many of these great radios–especially the early ones–were made only in small quantities and few have survived. Many have never been seen outside of Japan. They’ve never been on eBay and probably never will be!
       Learn about the connection between Crown, Linmark, Harpers, Midge, and Olympic. See early hand-wired Crowns with American-made transistors and ultra-rare kit radios. You’ll get model numbers, measurements, battery sizes, and lots more information and detail. Plus see original boxes, advertisements, and even an original Crown store display case loaded with fabulous Crowns! What could you possibly be waiting for?

Great Little Radios from Crown