“If you’ve found this, you already know that ‘You Don't Know Me’ is one of the best songs ever written in any genre. What makes it so? Written in 1955 by Cindy Walker and Eddy Arnold, it is ostensibly a country song though its appeal is universal. . . ” (more below)

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. . . “You Don’t Know Me” paints a vivid, in-the-moment aural picture of longing and frustration. While on the surface this subject may not be all that appealing, it appeals the way blues appeals. Its honesty and plain expression make the listener really FEEL the very human emotions being expressed. The song “plays out” entirely within the head and heart of the singer. He “speaks” in the first person to his unattainable love interest, but he does so entirely internally. The song’s masterful use of this technique is almost claustrophobic as it heightens the song’s emotional power.

This version contains some added lyrics not heard elsewhere. They are by the artist, Eric Wrobbel, and were written in 2017.

The best-selling recording of this song was by Ray Charles in 1962. It has been recorded hundreds of times.

About the Artist:

Since Les Paul, many recording artists have doubled (and tripled) their own voices and instruments on their recordings. Eric Wrobbel has been doing this since the 1960s, recording anonymously, pseudonymously, and occasionally even under his own name. Regardless of band name or credit, he is sometimes the only person on these multi-layered recordings. Such is the case here in one of his most straightforward country efforts.

Wrobbel is a songwriter, artist, musician and humorist who has written and produced hundreds of interesting tracks for himself and others in his long, eclectic career. Rarely performing live, he has almost exclusively focused his musical efforts as a studio artist, working in a wide range of styles that have variously been described as rock, folk, country, psych, humor, and pop.

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