Words and music by Eric Wrobbel

The Lights Along the Shore by Eric Wrobbel

Description from YouTube

This song was first penned in 1969 when writer/artist Eric Wrobbel was just 15 years old. Not bad. Let’s see something you wrote when you were fifteen.

This smooth, country-flavored recording was made in 2017. The production is pure classic country, though Wrobbel is hardly a “country” artist in any traditional sense. Still, voice and production meld nicely in this fine piece of work culminating at the end in an a cappella phrase that is reminiscent of Wrobbel’s sometime work in Gospel music.

This is a most enjoyable song, employing not only an interesting, catchy melody, but also lyrics that express a kind of longing optimism that--combined with the concordant tune-- produce a decidedly positive feeling in the listener. And that is no small thing these days.

About Eric Wrobbel

This songwriter, artist, musician and humorist has written and produced hundreds of interesting tracks for himself and others in his long, eclectic career. Rarely performing live, he has almost exclusively focused his musical efforts as a studio artist, working in a wide range of styles that have variously been described as rock, folk, country, psych, humor, and pop.

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