Lightning Strikes in the Rain has touched me like nothing else has in years...I have listened to this song almost 400 times since last Sunday!”
                                – T. M., Dearborn, Michigan

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This enthusiastic listener response sums up the irresistible qualities of this recording. Fans of this musical artist and songwriter know that his work has historically covered a very wide range, from silly nonsense to wise observations on weighty matters. In this recording, Wrobbel takes aim at pure pop, delivering a sublime confection of optimistic lyrics, catchy tune, clean licks, and feel-good harmony. Irresistible indeed!

About Eric Wrobbel: This songwriter, artist, musician and humorist has written and produced hundreds of tracks for himself and others, usually singing and playing most if not all parts on these recordings. Rarely performing live, he has almost exclusively focused his musical efforts as a studio artist, working in a wide range of styles that have variously been described as rock, folk, country, psych, humor, and pop.

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