Words and music by Eric Wrobbel


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You better hide your face

What’s the matter with you?

You are so out of place

You look like a fool...


Crazy to shine so bright

Come out on so dark a night

You’re just a fool tonight,

Like me,

Fool Moon

Don't you know I’m crying here

And I don’t need you

How can I hide my tears

When you’re shining like a fool?...


Fool Moon

Lover’s moon

Don’t shine above

Till I’m in love

I hope it’s soon....

About Eric Wrobbel

This songwriter, artist, musician and humorist has written and produced hundreds of interesting tracks for himself and others in his long, eclectic career. Rarely performing live, he has almost exclusively focused his musical efforts as a studio artist, working in a wide range of styles that have variously been described as rock, folk, country, psych, humor, and pop.

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